Industrial Market Definitions

Industrial Property Type

Industrial Type Description
Altus Light Industrial (A - LI): Typically warehouse, distribution, light manufacturing or industrial mall uses. Described as Light Industrial, Prestige Industrial, Business Park, Employment, Prestige Employment or Restricted Industrial etc. Service and / or commercial uses are also included in this designation, provided that they are permitted in addition to the main industrial uses above. This designation generally excludes automotive repair, service and body shops, which was consistent with the municipal information reviewed. Outside storage can be included in this category, mainly where the permitted uses focus on “light industrial”. However, outside storage does not typically exceed 20% to 30% of the overall site coverage and/or carries restrictive screening requirements.
Altus Medium / Heavy Industrial (A-MH): Generally, these uses are intense uses and more often than not permit significant outside storage, often with little or no screening requirements. Medium and Heavy uses can include transportation yards, contracting yards, smelting, heavy manufacturing, chemical plants, and fuel storage. Many municipalities also allow automotive repair, service and body shops, with some classing these as heavy and some as medium uses.
Altus Infrastructure (A-I): Properties that are typically related to a specific industrial use such as: airports; ports; harbours; ship building; rail yards and track; municipal yards; power plants and power lines; etc.
Altus Resource Extraction (A-E): Primary use is directly related to the extraction of a natural resource such as: pits; quarries; agriculture; mining; forestry; sand and gravel extraction; concrete and asphalt batching facilities, and; crushing and screening plants.
Altus Disposal (A-D): Primary permitted uses are municipal land fill sites, recycling facilities, salvage yards, incinerators and sewage treatment.
Altus Service Commercial (A -SC): Properties which have an industrial zoning that includes the tag “industrial”, but where the uses are clearly service and/or commercial in nature and, importantly, the traditional uses of warehouse, distribution, light manufacturing and industrial malls are specifically excluded. Permitted uses generally include hotels, motels, offices, service commercial, financial institutions, automotive repair, banquet halls, etc
Altus Rural (A-R): Often described as Rural, Non-Serviced, Dry or even Restricted (lacks services, see below) Uses. May or may not include outside storage, the primary test is lack of municipal services and provision of well and septic systems. Often these properties have lower permitted site coverage ratios and restrictions on water use, hence the “Dry” designation (water is to be only used for the sanitary needs of the employees).