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Custom Reports and Custom Studies

Altus InSite works with subscribers to meet their individual / specific reporting and unique project needs for better information and perspective to make even better decisions.

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Altus InSite works with building owners and managers as well as with building occupants to measure performance to key industry benchmarks in order to identify the key actions that will have the optimum impact on tenant satisfaction, employee retention, corporate effectiveness and profitability.

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Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

Altus InSite's Tenant Satisfaction Study (TSS) product was launched in 1998 and since then has distributed our TSS to over 1,600,000 office occupants across all major markets in Canada. A Tenant Satisfaction Study guarantees to deliver to clients:

Objective and Actionable - An objective and actionable view of the performance of buildings, owners, managers and their occupants with action plans specific to the building, city, region and national portfolio;

  • Benchmarked Action Standards – Altus InSite's TSS employs a series of KPI's that drive actionable decisions, and takes the guess work out of priorities.
  • Detailed 30, 90, 180 Day Action Plan – working with our clients, a detailed action plan will be provide that identifies the key actions, communication initiatives, service refinements and capital appropriations that will have the optimum impact on occupant satisfaction, performance and retention.
  • Client's access to Key Benchmarking Metrics - since 2002, each year AltusInSite establishes what is the actual satisfaction for each major market (Benchmarks) by completing independent surveys with thousands of randomly selected occupants of office buildings.
  • Peer Building Comparisons - Altus InSite has completed an audit of the majority of buildings across the key urban/suburban markets and can provide aggregated peer ratings to compare your portfolio's assets against.
  • Representative – the information provided will capture and report a comprehensive view of what actually matters to senior decision makers of your tenants, tenant representatives and the building as a whole.

Altus InSite's TSS is a turnkey system from design to capture to reporting

  • TSS: Benchmarking Study – Evaluates your tenant/occupant's satisfaction relative to established performance norms in your city. Standardized, streamlined and focused.
  • TSS: Custom Study – In addition to gathering the key performance metrics for your tenants in your buildings and comparing them to the market performance, each client has the ability to customize and add key questions to help measure performance and further advance your action plans.

Our clients request include highly focused or customized studies that are focused to meet clients very specific objectives – related to the tenant, brokerage, investor, lender and other communities view of a particular manager, building or portfolio.

Altus InSite's Tenant Satisfaction Studies have been completed in more than 1,080 buildings since 1998. More than 1.6 million surveys have been distributed to tenants in buildings located across Canada.

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Lease Expiry Study

Leasing activity or velocity is a key and leading indicator of the performance of the office leasing market and the performance of investments in office buildings. Low velocity leads to flat or falling rents whereas higher velocity results in the opposite effect.

The Altus InSite Lease Expiry Study is designed to provide insight into the leasing environment and highlight potential opportunities in the Downtown Toronto market over the next 8 years. The 2014 Lease Expiry Study provides an informed, forward-looking view of the market as well as historical comparisons against seven previous surveys, going back to 1999.

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